Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Treatment in Pflugerville and North Austin, TX

If you have been suffering from uncomfortable and painful dry eye symptoms, you should know that relief can be found with an optometrist. Pflugerville Vision Care provides dry eye treatment in Pflugerville and North Austin, TX. Do not live in discomfort a moment longer, come in to see the optometrist who can help alleviate your pain and improve your sight.  

Dry Eye

What Are Common Dry Eye Symptoms?

  • Itchiness in or around the eye is the most common reported symptom of dry eyes. 
  • A sensation of something in the eye even when there is no contaminant. 
  • Sensitivity to light, especially at night.
  • Having difficulties sticking to activities for a long time that require eye focus (reading, computer work, knitting). 
  • Increase in mucus or tears in fluctuation with lack of moisture and decreased ability to produce tears. 

What Are Dry Eye Treatment Options at an Optometrist?

  • Low-Level Light Therapy is a treatment that is non-invasive and even enjoyable according to some people. The patient sits still while special lights warm up a specific gland in the eye to allow increased flow and less dry eye symptoms. 
  • IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a therapy that uses a more powerful light that reduces bacteria around the eye and also activates specific glands that can increase eye moisture. Both these light treatments must be done over time in a series of appointments. 
  • Prescriptions can help relieve and even heal dry eye disease and discomfort (often in the form of eye drops).

Your specific dry eye treatment will depend on the cause of your condition. Sometimes the solution is as simple as dietary changes and uptake of specific vitamins. Eye health is not independent of whole-body health and sometimes addressing an issue that is seemingly unrelated to the eyes can solve your dry eye. Lifestyle changes may be to alleviate your symptoms as well. 

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Pflugerville Vision Care serves the Pflugerville and North Austin, TX area with premium eye care services. If you have had dry eye symptoms and discomfort please do not suffer another day. Your eye health may be on the line and fast action can reduce discomfort and perhaps save or improve your eyesight in the long run. Call us today at (512)251-4099 to schedule your appointment. 

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