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There’s nothing like clear, sharp vision to give you a brighter perspective on life. At Pflugerville Vision Care, our goal is to help you enjoy optimal sight. Routine eye care services make it easier for our team to monitor your eye health and vision and catch problems early when they’re easier to treat. Partnering with a trustworthy optometrist in Pflugerville, TX, is the best way to meet your family’s eye care needs.


We offer the following eye-care services for your entire family.

Eye Exams

Eye exams are at the forefront of quality eye-care. We recommend you schedule an eye exam annually to ensure you’re seeing as well as you should. If you have children, we can schedule a pediatric eye exam to meet their vision needs.

A comprehensive eye exam entails testing for visual clarity, eye focus and eye teaming skills to determine the quality of your sight. Refractive errors or other visual problems will be revealed during an eye exam so you can get the appropriate treatment to correct your sight. A pediatric eye exam is especially important for children, as they need good vision to perform well in school.


If you require eyeglasses, you’ll find our selection of frames and lenses more than sufficient to meet your wants and needs. We carry the latest in name-brand designer frames for children, teens, and adults that you can pair with high-tech lenses to create eyewear that’s attractive, functional, and suitable for your lifestyle.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses offer an alternative to glasses for improving your sight. For your convenience, we carry a variety of contact lenses ranging from soft contacts to RGP contacts, daily wear, extended wear, disposable contacts, hard to fit contacts, and more. We’ll perform a contact lens exam and fitting to help you find contacts suited to your needs.

Treatment of Eye Diseases

Good eye health is essential for optimal sight. Your Pflugerville, TX, optometrist can perform a retinal scan to uncover signs of hidden eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and glaucoma before they cause permanent vision loss. Early detection enables you to get treatment that can help preserve your sight. A retinal scan will keep you informed about the state of your eyes. We also offer dry eye treatment and treatment for computer vision, pink eye, and eye injuries.


LASIK eye surgery can replace the use of glasses or contacts to correct refractive errors and improve your sight. We offer LASIK evaluations and provide post-op care for successful recovery of your treatment.

See Your Pflugerville, TX, Optometrist for Quality Eye Care

For quality eye-care services you can trust in Pflugerville, TX, and beyond, contact Pflugerville Vision Care at 512-251-4099.

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