Specialty Contact Lenses

People with certain conditions may have difficulty wearing contacts; however, options for vision correction are still available, including hard-to-fit contacts and specialty contacts, such as scleral lenses and bifocal contacts. Our eye doctors at Pflugerville Vision Care in North Austin, TX, and Pflugerville, TX, offer eye exams and specialty contacts for our hard-to-fit contact patients.

Specialty Contact Lenses

What Kinds of Specialty Contact Lenses Are Available? 

Specialty contacts help provide hard-to-fit contact patients an option to help them see clearly without the need to wear heavy and bulky eyeglasses. Every person's eyes may be shaped differently, and their vision correction needs vary, requiring special contacts to help ensure every patient's vision needs are met. For example, scleral lenses help with irregularities in the shape of the cornea, resting on the white part of the eye and vaulting over the cornea, allowing the space between the ocular surface.

 Rigid gas-permeable lenses have a rigid design and keep their shape, unlike soft contacts, which conform to the shape of the eye. As a result, these contacts are more durable and help with conditions that soft lenses cannot adequately treat. 

Finally,  for patients who need bifocal glasses, multifocal contacts are available for their vision needs.

Why Do You Need to See an Optometrist? 

Contacts require a prescription from an optometrist to ensure the vision correction is the proper strength and the contacts fit the cornea correctly. Additionally, an optometrist can properly diagnose conditions that may require special contacts. Seeing an eye doctor for a contact lens exam can help ensure the proper correction strength, provide any special contacts, and ensure you are an excellent candidate to wear contacts. 

Visit Us for Hard to Fit Contacts

If you struggle with wearing contacts, it might signify that you need special contacts. Schedule an appointment with us at Pflugerville Vision Care in North Austin, TX, and Pflugerville, TX, for an eye exam. During the exam, we can determine if you are a good candidate for contacts and if you need special lenses. We can help many patients who are hard to fit contacts wearers get into a pair of contacts. 


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