Eye Exams and Early Disease Detection

Our eyes are one of the essential organs in our body. They allow us to see the world around us and take in all its beauty. Eye exams are a critical part of eye health and care. They can detect problems early before they cause severe damage.

We invite you to Pflugerville Vision Care for a comprehensive eye exam. Our optometrist is a skilled professional who leaves no stone unturned regarding your eye health. We serve the areas of North Austin and Pflugerville, TX.

Eye Exams: Early disease detection

Why Are Eye Exams Important?

Eye exams can help with early disease detection. Many vision problems, if left untreated, can lead to serious health complications. We can help you avoid these complications early and protect your vision.

Eye exams can also help ensure that you see as clearly as possible. Over time, our vision can change, and updating our eyeglass or contact lens prescription is essential. This way, you can be sure that you are seeing the world around you in the most transparent way possible. Finally, eye exams are an excellent opportunity to talk with our optometrist about your eye health. We can answer any questions and help you understand how to care for your eyes.

We can detect problems during an eye exam, including diabetic eye conditions, cataracts, dry eye, and glaucoma. Macular degeneration is another serious condition that an eye exam can help detect, among others.

What Happens During an Eye Exam?

During an eye exam, our optometrist will start by asking you about your personal and family health history. This information can help assess your risk for specific eye problems. We will then move on to a series of vision tests, such as the optimal retinal scan. We will also check your eyes for any signs of disease or damage.

After the vision tests, our optometrist will observe the health of your eyes. We will check for any signs of infection, inflammation, or eye disease. We will also assess the health of your cornea, iris, and pupil. We will dilate your eyes during this part of the exam to get a better view.

Once we have completed the exam, we will sit down with you to discuss our findings. We will review any vision problems and discuss treatment options with you. We will also answer any questions you may have about your eye health.

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